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1 year

My Story

Little miss sassy pants, Coop.

After lots of perseverance we have discovered that Coop doesn't like other dogs, and really thrives being an only puppy and in a home with no kids! Coop is only young and has experienced a lot in her short life. She can become easily stressed by other dogs and new environments however is learning good things happen in these situations and has become more at ease. Luckily, through dedication and hard work we have been able to work out her triggers to avoid and manage her behaviour so she doesn't react. All we ask is that this dedication is carried out in her new home so that both you and Coop can reap the rewards of such hard work! 

Little miss sassy Coop is very sure of herself and knows exactly who and what she wants! For adopters, this means not approaching her unless she approaches you. Putting her outside when someone visits especially in the beginning. Once she has settled in, you can begin with slow intros to new people (with treats to encourage her, of course!)  

Establishing a  routine will no doubt help her settle in and show her true loving personality! Coop loves daily exercise and some space for her alone time to help when she is feeling a little overwhelmed; she’s just like us humans!

She is on medication to help her generalised anxiety and will need to be on this for life to ensure she can live her life to its fullest and can become part of a family again! But don’t be deterred! This medication is both yours and Coop’s friend as it will help her transition into her new forever home!

Despite all this, smart cookie Coop has a very sweet, soft and gentle side. She really does love a cuddle on your lap, and a play in the yard and a game of fetch. She settles well on her own but is also very loyal and will be right at your side given the opportunity.

Coop has so much going for her. She knows sit and stay. She settles well on her own and is well mannered inside the home. She is great in the yard and enjoys basking in the sunshine. She will form a close bond very quickly and make you feel like your the best thing in the world.

If you think you can give this beautiful spirit another shot at life with all the dedication needed, please contact us! Coop can't wait to hear from you! 


Medical Notes

Included in the WARN adoption fee:

  • Vet check
  • microchip
  • vaccination
  • desexing
  • lifetime registration for pets over 6 months of age.

Extras included in the WARN adoption fee where applicable

  • All dogs over 4 months are heart worm tested and receive a yearly pro-heart injection.
  • All pets receive a full blood count.
  • All pets receive necessary protection from fleas, ticks and intestinal worms and leave for their forever home up to date with all treatments.

The Adoption Process

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