Friday | WARN


It almost always happens like this…


What’s meant to be, is meant to be.


Maurico had wanted to add to his family for a while and after reading Friday’s story in the Illawarra Mercury, decided she was the one.


We’d had Friday in care for a while during her recovery. The first three weeks in foster care she was really shy. She’d hide and any little noise would startle her - we expected that though, given the trauma of her experience.


We very much thought she needed a VERY quiet home.


One without cats, dogs and things to startle her but in the time it took us to try and secure an adopt meet with the wrong family, this girl blossomed.


She made friends with the other cats, was no longer afraid of the dogs and made herself a permanent fixture on our laps - hiding was a thing of the past.


The so called best home was no longer quiet and the family that could of met her didn’t. That time was all she needed. It allowed a rescue loving multi-pet family to come forward.

And, it was love at first sight <3


Friday took to her new home so quickly, so content to be cuddled, she instantly purred and kneaded her paws in delight.


Little Friday’s world has turned around since that Black Friday the 13th. The turn of events tells us, she’s not cursed. In fact, she’s one very lucky and blessed little girl.

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