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Meet Quinn!

The sweetest girl in town, Quinn is a typical torti who loves to roam around the house and "talk"! Torti cats...

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Meet our gorgeous girl Marmalade!

Beautiful inside and out, Marmalade is a one of a kind companion. She has a gorgeous...

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Meet beautiful Willow!

Just like a cuddly teddy bear, Willow is perfect for cuddles and snuggling up at night, and she...

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Meet Helena, our gorgeous girl with a personality as big and beautiful as her fur! 

Very talkative and social, Helena is...

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Xena is the perfect example of resilience and love! 

Born as a stray kitten, Xena didn't have the best start to life. But...

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A gentle soul and a bestfriend for life; this is guranteed when adopting Grace. 

The name Grace could not suit her more!...

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Frankie is shy upon first meeting her, but once you get to know her she is all sass! 

This girl has so many quirky traits...

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Get ready to live life to its fullest with your new partner in crime!

A true adventurer, Crunchy is outgoing, loves to...

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It's about to get buck wild!

A ray of sunshine inside and out, Buck is known for his happy attitude and wild, playful side...

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Inquisitive by name, inquisitive by nature, Velma is the explorer of her litter! Although she is the smallest, she is truly a curious...

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As the only boy of his litter, it goes without saying that Freddy is a complete gentleman! He is incredibly sweet and has a gentle...

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Daphne is a playful, outgoing girl who can easily be mistaken for a silver little tiger cub! 

She is the best of both words...


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